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Der Architekt, Raimund Binder, ist Co-Gruender des Architektur-
bueros "moment-architekten" in Berlin. Das Buero arbeitet zur Zeit
bundesweit an Neubau- und Sanierungsprojekten vom Penthouse
bis zum Hochhaus.


binder @ moment-architekten.de

tel: 030 756352700






The architect Raimund Binder co-founded the office named
"moment-architekten" with Nils A. Lillig. The office is located in Berlin.

In 2005 Raimund Binder was invited by Atelier d´Architecture Autogéré,
to design an eco urban space named "Le 56" in Paris. The project
included a public garden and a mini house, which was shortlisted for
the European Prize For Public Space.

Beside his work as an architect in Paris, Hamburg and Berlin,
Raimund Binder curated several public funded exhibitions like
"720°raum-hopping" and "permanent moving". He organized
lectures and workshops with interdisciplinary artists, musicians and

Also Binder was invited to design installations for exhibitions, stage
and festivals like
"Einstein On The Beach", an opera by Philip Glass
"Film-Festival", Cottbus
"REmigration Festival", St. Petersburg
"Medea" ballet in the German Pavilion, Hannover
"Sharing Transformations" with constructLab in Kunsthaus Graz

Raimund Binder supported with builtby.tv the concept for the TV-
show "Meine Stadt" about contemporary architecture and urban
spaces, published on ARTE in 2012.

The art magazine UPON PAPER (Hatje Cantz Verlag) published
Binders critics about contemporary architecture in Los Angeles.

In 2013 Binder was teaching architecture design and construction
as an assistent-professor at the TU-Berlin.

Today the CEO architect and designer Raimund Binder lives
and works in Berlin.















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